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Every woman wants a meaningful and successful relationship with a stimulating mental connection. And although most men are looking for the same thing, they aren’t looking in the same ways women are.
For the most part, women look with their mind; men look with their penis.
Most women are cerebral. They want conversation, a stroking of their mind, if you will.
Most men are more interested in the carnal; the more immediate, the better. Most men don’t think past the end of the night and the potential for a relationship past a few weeks.
Women look at relationships as an investment, with the hopes of a large return.
However, at some point it’s important for a woman realize that in order to extract the mental, she must perform the physical.
Within these pages are a few methods women may find useful to ensure they can keep their mates happy, while finding the mental and emotional satisfaction they are searching for.


And it all takes approximately fifteen minutes…



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